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Hollie’s mom is always sending her over to the neighbors flat to borrow things. What Hollie’s mom doesn’t know is that Hollie always gets a little something for herself from the old guy that lives next door. Now I’m not sure if it’s because Hollie is just a mischievous teen hussy or if Hollie Marie likes to get screwed by an older man once in a while but I do know that this mischievous teen hussy keeps sneaking around the neighborhood fuckin as many of the old guys as she can.  Lucky for us, one of them has a camera. You can see the clip on Real Colorado Girls

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Nasty Neighbor Girl

Now I know that we all wish that the coeds in our neighborhood were all as mischievous as Hollie but at least you can watch some pretty good clip of this mischievous teen hussy sucking and fucking her neighbor. At only 19, Hollie isn’t used to being fucked by oversized cocks so it takes a little effort for her to get all of his erection inside her little teen cunt but she winces and takes all of his erection. You really will like the part where he’s fucking her hard and she’s flinching in pain every time he rams his throbbing erection deep in her little little cunt.  See the clip here:  Real Colorado Girls – and get free access to two more exclusive girl next door teen smut sites.

Hollie Shows The Neighbor Her Pierced Teen Pussy

Amateur Hollie Marie Shows The Neighbor Her Shaved and Pierced teen Pussy

Damn – I just looked back at her little cunt with that piercing on her little clitoris and the puffy little meat curtains. This coed was made for fucking. Add to that, the fact that Hollie has a pair of the firmest natural melons and the best little teen butt that I have ever seen. I’m going to finish up here and wank to her clip – and with any luck, she’ll move to my neighborhood ;-)

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