Maxi Booty – Fucking The Loving Little Coed Cunt Neighbor

There is nothing that turns Maxi on as much as casual sex and when she needs a fat pecker she stops by the neighbor’s apartment for a good fucking. Now how many hard-bodied teens with a faultless round butt and pointy fun bags do you know that like to fuck old men just for the fun of it?  This sex session all started when Maxi stopped by to see how Richard Nailder was coming along on editing her last scene. She had just gotten her own camera and wanted to try it out and soon the cute teen was masturbating as the old man helped her. Of course – he puts the video on his amateur smut site for you to enjoy.

Maxi Booty Visits The Neighbor maxibooty gnd xxxp gnd pufp nnts brunette

Maxi Booty Visits The Neighbor

Of course, what kind of man would turn down the chance to video this sexy teenager dark haired fingering her tight little cunt? In fact, what kind of man wouldn’t long for to jump in and help if he had a babe as sexy as Maxi Booty masturbating just inches from him? I for one would long for nothing more than to bury my fat pecker deep in her wet little cunt. And that’s just what Maxi’s neighbor did.

Maxi Booty Masturbating

Maxi Booty Masturbating

And that’s exactly what Maxi’s neighbor did. Despite being well over twice her age, this dirty old bastard soon had maxi riding his throbbing pecker and moaning in pleasure as she climbed onto his chair and slid her wet little cunt down onto his throbbing old pecker. Pulling her thong aside and spreading her butt-cheeks, the old bastard felt her tight cunt engulf his pecker as she arched her back and rode his fat old pecker.

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Maxi Booty Fucking The Neighbor

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Misbehaving Little Hannah Gets Her Bare Unmarred Little Cunt Ass Spanked

There are few things funner that spanking the bare bottom of a horny teenager bitch – then fucking her till she creams all over you cock and then you blow a large load of hot jizz all over her chin. Now that’s what I call a good time. Watching the shoots of the cute brunette mischievous Little Hannah getting spanked gave me a throbbing schlong. In fact, it was one of the best  jerk-off shoots that I’ve ever wanked to. This teen knows how to take a spankin but when its her turn to get screwed – he likes it hard and deep. The bigger the cock and the harder she’s screwed, the happier she gets.

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Spanking misbehaving Hannah

But back to the butt spanking.  Hannah loves to get misbehaving and show her butt – but you don’t get to see Hannah’s pussy unless you punish her little teenager ass first. Then she likes her tight teenager pussy pounded with a large hard cock. And this little tramp isn’t afraid   to tell you to fuck her harder either – see it all on Glass Mannequin

. Nasty Hannah's Wet Teen Pussy

Nasty Hannah’s Wet teenager Pussy

Sweet shaved teenager pussy – that’s the best part of this video clip, As soon as this guy spread Hannah’s ass cheeks and I got a glimpse of her wet little cunt, I had wood. And at 43 minutes, Hannah’s misbehaving spank and fuck video clip is worth the price of the membership at Glass Mannequin – add to that the fact that you get over 25,000 pics and dozens of hardcore, carpet-muncher and sex vibrator shoots of Hannah and her friends that can’t be seen anywhere else on the internet. It gets even better because in addition to your Glass Mannequin membership, you get full membership to Real Colorado Girls and  Bring Me Your Sister too.

Spanking Hannah's Ass

Spanking Hannah’s Ass

You can see misbehaving shoots of Hannah on these three sites: Glass MannequinReal Colorado GirlsBring Me Your Sister – all three sites – one low price.

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Little Teenager Cunt Maxi Booty – Hard-core Audition

Maxi Booty has done a lot of smut but it all started in my bedroom in 2010. I met Maxi through a friend and soon we were talking about smut – she was very interested but a little afraid her father would find out but it didn’t take me long to talk this hard-bodied teen into auditioning and the next day I was undressing her in front of a camera for the very first time. She was a little excited and very nervous – she had never let anyone shoot her and the excitement of being filmed while fucking made her 18-year-old pussy all wet. For those of you that don’t know Maxi – she’s a athletic teen from Colorado Springs that started her smut Career with us where we first posted her on Bring Me Your Sister – a site where we let brothers shoot their own sisters fucking. But that was actually Maxi’s 2nd smut video clip. Initially she was too nervous to let her brother shoot her so I invited her to my apartment to “practice” in front of the camera before her brother actually filmed her fucking. After we shot her for Bring Me Your Sister, we later posted Maxi’s actual smut audition on Glass Mannequin for you all to enjoy.

Maxi Booty Auditions

Maxi Booty Auditions

Some babes are just naturals when it comes to sucking cock and the cute hard-bodied amateur Maxi Booty is one of them – this girl knows how to suck cock and I had the pleasure of being the the lucky bastard that received her first on-camera hummer. Her blonde curly hair lightly caressed my belly as the 18-year-old soft lips sucked my 50-year-old cock in her first old-young smut. There are lots of sets of Maxi Booty giving fellatio on Glass Mannequin including her very first time so join today and download them all.

Maxi Booty Auditions

Maxi Booty Sucks cock On Camera For The First Time

But as top-notch as this 18-year-old can suck I wanted to feel her shaved pussy sliding slowly onto my now throbbing cock. Grabbing her impeccable coed booty, I slowly lowered her onto my throbbing cock – OMG – she has a tight little coed pussy.

Maxi Booty Auditions

Spreading Maxi’s Firm butt, I Lower Her Onto My cock For The First Time

It was real hard not to blow a massive load of jizz deep in her tiny little cunt but I wanted to see her with her face and titties covered in jizz so at the last second, I pulled out and blew a oversized load of hot jizz all over her impeccable boobs and cute girl-next-door face. Maxi was now christened a smut-star – and her first facial was recorded for you to enjoy – download it now on

Maxi Booty Auditions

Maxi Booty Gets Her First Facial

Since Maxi really is my neighbor, and because we really do enjoy fucking each other, members of Glass Mannequin get more shoots of Maxi Booty than any other site on the internet. Join Glass Mannequin today and add her shoots to your amateur smut collection. Members also get full access to Bring Me Your Sister and Real Colorado Girls – more Maxi Booty smut for your viewing pleasure 1tm audition blonde oldny gnd athletic maxibooty xxxp facial cumshot plts nnts teen amateur eighteen

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Leenuh Rae Forward Teen Cunt

Leenuh Rae Leenuh Rae

Leenuh Rae @ The gang is sitting around bored and horny ,as usual, and they decide it’s time to find another willing white sweetie to work their black magic on. The task finally falls on Cuntree, who remembers a 19 year old coed that he poked awhile back, who expressed an interest in getting more of the same, a lot more. A quick phone call to confirm she’s ready, and before long this anxious coed shows up and fearlessly offers her coed cunt on the sacrificial gangbang altar. Leenuh is fresh out of high school, and the gang can’t wait to plumb the depths of her young cunt and mouth with as many lengths of black pipe as she can handle. They finish off with a firing squad to the mouth and face.

Leenuh Rae Leenuh Rae

Visit, dwelling of the Dogfart Series for more of Leenuh Rae

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First Playful Cunt Lesbian Encounter Blaze Burnz And Thena Sky

There is nothing as fun as watching two teenager teens having their first sexual experience with another teenager and that’s exactly what I got to watch in this hot amateur movie of Blaze Burnz and Thena Sky. Thena Sky already had a little experience with teens but teenager-teenager sex was a totally new concept for the sex nineteen year old Blaze Burnz – one she was a little nervous about but more than a little excited to try. These two hot young moms had met a  few days before and Thena had told her photographer that she wanted to fuck the petite tattooed brown haired as soon as possible – and she wanted to have him shoot it all so she could watch herself popping Blaze’s lesbo sex cherry. Blaze was down for a little forward teenager-on-teenager play and this amateur movie is the result of these two forward young moms fucking each other for the first time. You can see these two teens fucking on Real Colorado Girls right now – and as a bonus, I’ll throw in free access to two more sites featuring these forward teenager for free.

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Lesbian teens First Encounter

Of course, Thena wanted to rip more than the shirt off the sexy tattooed Blaze and soon she had Blaze positioned on the couch with her round little booty in the air as her new friend pealed her thong off Blaze’s unmarred teenager butt. Now – for those of you that have seen Blaze and Thena doing hardcore shoots – this lesbo sex movie of these two hot brunettes will be a real treat. Blaze with her unmarred butt and Thena with her sexy teenager cunt – fucking like only teens can.

thena sky blaze burnz lesbian hym booty

Lesbian Booty Call

Thena didn’t stop there and she soon had her face buried in her girlfriends wet teenager cunt showing her how a teenager should love her girlfriend. Blaze was the first to reach climax and she cam in a shuddering wave as her skinny girlfriend licked her shaved little cunt. As with all Real Colorado Girls, these two amateur carpet-munchers were not acting – they were having real sex for the first time together.

lesbian cunt munchers thena and blaze

Lesbian Cunt Munchers

To see the entire movie of these hot lesbo teens – check out Real Colorado Girls today

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Accidental Creampie Tight Cunt

Butterfly Haze is a hard-bodied, tattooed Latina teen with an attitude and a crazy streak – crazy enough that she lets the old man that lives next door set up cameras in his kitchen and fuck her on the kitchen table – and crazy enough to let the guys at Glass Mannequin put the full homemade sex movie on their site – who in turn gave us these unblemished free sample movies for our blog.

In the first clip, Butterfly teases the old man as he plays with her firm ass and kisses on her neck….. this is going to be fun ;)

flv: 560 411]Download the WMV

In the second free homemade porno movie clip we get our first glimpse of the young coeds butterfly tattoos, pierced nipples and her sweet coed pussy. Stick around, there’s more to come – but if you can’t wait, you can download the full homemade creampie movie here.

Download the WMV


One of my favorite parts of a movie is what I call “Initial Penetration” or “IP” – you know, the point where the man’s cock slides into the coeds cunt for the first time and in this free clip you get to see Butterfly holding the camera and getting a closeup of the old man’s whopping erection as it slides into her small coed pussy for the first time. See the free trailer.

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And what good is an initial penetration clip without showing a clip of the coeds face as she’s getting split wide open by a whopping throbbing erection? Well the guys at Glass Mannequin won’t disappoint as you can see the mixture of pain and pleasure on Butterfly’s face as she gets stuffed with the old man’s fat erection.

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It took the small teen a while to get accustomed to the old man’s fat erection but as you can see in this next clip, the small coed rides the old man like a pro – taking his jumbo erection balls deep in her small little cunt. Download the full video.

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By the time we fet to this clip, the old man had been hammering the poor coeds pussy pretty hard but she wanted more, gripping her fists as the old bastard pulled her hair and slammed every last inch of his enormous erection deep in the wet depths of the tattooed and pierced coed’s small coed pussy…. her tried to pull out in time…..  See the free trailer.

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but was too late – filling the neighbor coed’s sweet little cunt with a whopping load of warm sticky cum – letting it drip out as he pulled out – a bit too late. One accidental creampie to go please.  Download the full video.

Download the WMV


Real homemade sex shoots of local teenage coeds – brought to you by the perverts at Glass Mannequin, Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me your Sister.

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Camping Playful Teen Lesbian Style

Now if you are going to go camping don’t forget the beer, brats and two very sexy carpet-munchers that spend all day fucking in your tent. To hell with fishing and hunting, if you were looking at this in your tent would you really want to leave your campsite? Hell no, you’d be right there wanking as these two hotties lie kissing in your tent. See more of Butterfly Haze and her friend Tasha Burke on Real Colorado Girls.

butterflyhaze tasheburke lcm gkg outdoor

Didn’t take these two long to start the "recreation"

It is obvious these two dark haired carpet-munchers are ready and willing to fuck, it didn’t take long and Tasha had her hands all over the hard-bodied Mexican Girl Butterfly Haze. With Butterfly always being a submissive little fuck it didn’t take long for the more experienced lesbian Tasha to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to play with her sweet shaved butterfly-cunt. Tasha practically ripping at Butterfly’s clothes to get at her pointy tits and tight teenager cunt.


Butterfly always submits to a dominant cum dumpster like Tasha

Once the clothes come off then the real fun begins and out come the toys and tongues for a wave of orgasm that never seems to stop. Tasha has Butterfly exactly where she wants her and this cute 18 year old teen is in for a weekend that she will never forget. The pleasure never seems to stop between these two hot carpet-munchers and the camera only seem to encourage them more.


What’s better than a tight slit? Answer: Two tight slits

See more lesbian booty visit Real Colorado Girls today.

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Sweet Teenage Cunt Wet Little Coed Cunt

Her perky little rack pointed up past the older man’s face as he reached down and fingered her fat clit. Her sweet teenage pussy pulsated on his throbbing schlong in rhythm with the strokes he applied to her clit. thrusting his fat schlong as deep as he could in the teen’s pussy, the old man restrained himself from cumming so he could enjoy the wet warmth of the hard-bodied teenager’s wet little teenage pussy. See the entire movie on Glass Mannequin today.

sweet teenage pussy xxxp oldny shaved plts naughtylittlehannah gnd

Sweet Teenage Pussy

Internet’s best 100% exclusive girl next door smut scenes Glass Mannequin

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I Have Playful Little Teen Cunt Pepper Foxxx’s Box On My Oversized Meat Steak!

Pepper Foxxx was the awesome sweet heart to spice things up around here! She’s 19 years old and horny as hell with a unsurpassed pair of whopping all natural titties! She says she like her penises whopping and hard but she doesn’t get it very often. Well she definitely won’t be disappointed with my pecker! After teasing me by fingering her shaved pussy I came towards her and planted my bj down to her cunt and start devouring on that moist pussy of hers. She couldn’t wait to her lips on my pecker so she pulled by shorts down and sucked my big cock which barely fit her petite mouth. Pepper went on top as I jack hammered her moist teenager pussy with my enormous dong! DOWNLOAD the entire teenager deep dicking adventure ONLY at

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Round White Booty And Playful Cunt Black Penis

Teen redhead Angel parents would not approve of her fucking a mammoth black penis but she is excites to see if it would fit in her little pink teenage cunt. Interracial sex is a interdicted in her family but making something interdicted is often the exceptional way to make a teenager do exactly what her parents tell her not to.  And in this case, Angel was real excited about her first time with a black man and the thought of sucking his penis had her teenager cunt all fucking wet.

Angel Sucks Her First Black Cock xxxp sbj redhead

Angel Sucks Her First Black Cock

Of course, Angel wasn’t satisfied with just sucking a black penis, she wanted that mammoth pulsating black penis deep in her tight little cunt. And we all wanted to see the pictures.

White Pussy Black Cock

White cunt Black Cock

Like all of you, seeing cute teenagers in their first interracial sex encounter is impeccable – in fact, seeing the entitre scene, and the scenes of her friends is well worth the few cash a membership costs.

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