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I told you I would be posting more free smut vid videos of the first-time amateur Cheyenne. This sexy teen’s brother was pissed off at her so he took his sister to the nice guys at and had that old fucker there revenge-fuck her as vengeance. If you like real homemade sex video clips then you’ll love the vid Logan made of his sister fucking. Logan’s no pro with the camera but he sure got a few good closeups of his sister’s pussy. Logan’s sister did a pretty good job of shaving her teen pussy and this teen has a superb little cunt – just made for fucking.

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As I said in the earlier post, Cheyenne had left her brother’s guitar out in the rain and her brother was looking for a little payback so he had me revenge-fuck the little harlot as he made a homemade video of his sister fucking for himself. Now I know he was pissed but I still say I got the best of this deal – fucking his sister fo5r him while he filmed it – but then it would be just wrong if he had fucked his sister so I had no problem doing it fore him.

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And let me tell you, not only could Logan’s sister give pretty good hummer, she has one of the tightest teen cunts I’ve ever fucked. If I were you, I’d be watching for this horny harlot on the streets and in the mall cuz this naughty sister knows how to fuck.

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Now I know some of you are pretty picky when it comes to amateur teen pussy so I’ll let you enjoy these free vid videos of me fucking Logan’s sister – but if you want to see the entire homemade vid then you should check out where I have all the vids of me fucking guy’s sisters as the horny brother’s shoot it. All of these girls are appearing in smut for the very first time so get the lube out and get comfortable – there is some marvelous jerk-off material on

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Fuck Cunt Unmarred Coed Indica Young

Most teens like sex but only a true fuck-tramp like Indica Young can fuck for hours and still come back for more. Sure she looks harmless enough but if you’re not careful, this innocent-looking blonde teenage mom will do her best to fuck and suck you to death….. and I’m pretty sure that’s a good thing ;-) .  You can see more of Indica on Glass Mannequin.

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Fuck tramp Indica Young

This is the sweet little cunt that has me so addicted to Indica – this babe can milk a dick dry like no other and I keep coming back for more. When I joined Glass Mannequin I learned that I also got access to Real Colorado teens and Bring Me Your Sister and that this perverted small mom was on all three – in fact, my pass included access to every smut Indica had ever made.  Trust me, once you’ve seen this babe fuck, you’ll hunger for to see more.

Fuck Slut Indica Young

Fuck tramp Indica Young

What a superlative cunt – I can only imagine how it would feel to have this small blonde riding my dick reverse-cowgirl so when I downloaded the full film I locked my door, grabbed some lube and pretended it was my dick she was riding – her superlative little cunt pulsating on my dick as she climaxed over and over again – just like in the film.

Fuck Slut Indica Young

Fuck tramp Indica Young

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Long Crazy Coed Night At Deja Vu

FUCK ME! I had no intention of closing the club down when I showed up at 7:30 last night but as luck would have it, a dear old friend started back stripping and… well…. It was good to see her.

When I showed up, the manager was pulling his hair out (and he has some serious long hair) cuz the poor bastard had only two dancers and a dozen or more clients lusting after to see pussy – good news was it wasn’t long till the night shift strippers started showing up. As the girls started wandering in, the club started to pick up. Now, I’m not going to trash the club for being small on girls cuz anyone that knows strippers, knows that they aren’t the most reliable help in the world. Fuck, if I had a dollar for every time a stripper failed to show up for a shoot – I’d be spending a lot more time in the strip clubs amateur teen orgy ffm bnts xxxp

Anyway, when Autumn walked in, she came right over and gave me a jumbo hug and we proceeded to catchup on old times. I hadn’t seen her since my birthday party in December….. She had arrived at the party late and by that time, things were in full swing – Russ was fucking Kiri in the guest bedroom as his babe, Candice, watched on and masturbated. I was busy filming and needed a bit of help so I stuffed a camera in her hand and she was stuck.

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Poor babe hadn’t expected such a wild party and she sure as hell hadn’t expected to film her first live sex show – watching total strangers fucking was both a turn-on and a bit awkward at the same time. Anyway, she did a darn god job of holding a video camera getting some first-rate hard-core shoots of the forward swingers fucking. You can check out her handycam work at

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Violet Little Hates Crazy Teenager Sperm On Her Clothes

I was looking through a few of the unmarred explicit films that Violet little had made with me for Real Colorado Girls and Glass Mannequin and came to the conclusion that Violet Little hates sperm on her clothes. Actually a few of the shoots are pretty hot – and watching Violet trying to keep the “old man’s” sperm off her top is hilarious.  In the first scene, Violet is wearing a top that belongs to her mother and she has to go residence right after the shoot – explain that one to your mom….  “Mom, sorry about the sperm on your top but on my way over, this old guy just nutted all over me and there was nothing I could do to stop him” – LOL.

In the second “Don’t sperm on my clothes” scene from Glass Mannequin, if memory serves me right, Violet wanted to go see a friend after the shoot and didn’t have a change of clothes – so when dumped more old-man sperm on her top, she was more worried about it than the sperm that was splashing all over her over sized fucking titties and her cute teenage face – go figure.

The third Glass Mannequin scene is a classic – this time I’m sure Violet was on her way to friends home and she had warned me “Don’t sperm on my top” as you can see – I tried to shoot it all right over her top and into her face but somehow even I’m not unsurpassed – rotflmao – Violet was so pissed she quit coming over for a few weeks. Sucked to miss out on all that wonderful cunt but the video is still a classic.

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Cutie Reaches A Bright Little Teenager Double Orgasm

This flaxen teenager is crazy about masturbating. She fingers her pussy several times a day. Usually, she masturbates in a bathroom or in her own room. Somehow that day she forgot to close the door to her room and as soon as she thrust her fingers into her cunt, her boyfriend entered the room.

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Sure, he was surprised to see his girlfriend masturbating but then he decided to join the babe and to fuck her yummy booty with his good-sized fat penis. The skank was so excited that she did not understand that he started fucking her right away. The full length HD video proves her excitement and bright orgasms that she reached.

Watch really young girls giving their tight assholes!

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Tattooed Naughty Little Coed Coed Gets Screwed From Behind

This tattooed brunette honey cannot live a day without a colossal schlong inside her wet coed cunt. One can think that with such point of view she has no problems finding hard-bodied studs to fuck her wet and pulsating cunt but it turns out that she hides her feelings, thoughts and beautiful coed body from her friends.

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Actually she did that a lot in the past but recently she got totally tired of being a prude and now she reveals her fantasies freely. What is more exciting, she also got a sexy tattoo on her tummy that she wants to show to as many guys as possible. This along with her pointy little boobies and clean shaved cunt make the guys love her. Anyway, enjoy this fascinating full length video as well as her sex skills, yummy body and hunger for throbbing dicks.

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Sometime The Black Loving Little Coed Cunt Teenagers Desire A Good-sized White Pecker

Interracial sex is a grand thing but we so often come to expect it’s always a huge black pecker in a cute white teenager. But trust me, sometimes a cute black teenager wants a over-sized white pecker – so why not post a few images. To start with, this is a gif from Crystal’s first porno scene ever – she was real nervous as she normally only fucks women but she had pissed her brother off and he was insistent that she earn a little coin to pay him back – problem is that her sick fucking brother pimped her little black ass out to the guys at Bring Me Your Sister so he could dough in on his sister’s superb little cunt.

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Older White Guy Eats A Black teenagers Shaved Pussy

Of course, who in their right mind would turn down the chance to fuck a small black sweet heart as cute as Crystal? I sure as hell wouldn’t and I’m guessing that you would agree with me – interracial sex is fucking hot as hell.

Crystal Sucks Her First White Cock

Crystal Sucks Her First White Cock

And if you like little black pecker-suckers, Crystal is the one for you. She really know how to please a guy with her mouth.

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White pecker In Her Little Black Cunt

But damn – what a tight little cunt – I don’t think the old white fucker ever got more than half his pecker inside her black little cunt – she kept squirming and trying to get away but he held her fact and fucked her till he cam all over her tender little cunt lips. Yo can see the entire interracial teenager scene at Bring Me Your Sister

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Lenteen Sucks Little Teenager Cunt My Cock Like A Lollipop

Lenteen told me that she was good in polishing any size of boner. I put her to a test first and handed her a giant lollipop. She took it right away, wrapped her sweet teenager lips around it and licked it with her pierced tongue. She was not good, she was the best. The tease went on as she rubbed her tight twat while sucking on that hard candy. It was boner inducing so I went straight between her legs and gave her a motorboat. Next, Lenteen sucked my fat boner until I was hard enough to clobber her teenager pussy. DOWNLOAD the full film ONLY at!
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Coed Stripper Tight Cunt Does Her First Smut Scene

Nothing like going to the strip club and running into a teen you just watched online taking a whopping erection deep in her shaved little teenager pussy.  It brings getting a lap dance to an all new level – and that’s how I felt last night getting a dance form Hannah – aka Foxxy. Every time she would push her immaculate perky little melons near my face, I would imagine the guy in the film sucking on her immaculate little nipples – and every time she would bend over, in my mind, it was me ramming my throbbing erection deep in her tiny little shaved teenager cunt.

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Hannah (aka Foxxy) Taking A Break During Her First smut Shoot

It appears that Hannah (aka Foxxy) got into smut because she pissed he brother off and he pimped her ass to some old perv that let her brother shoot her while the old guy fucked her. Now I don’t know about you, but that’s a pretty dysfunctional family if you ask me. Dysfunctional family or not, Foxxy gives a super hot lap dance and for the rest of the night, all I could do was think about ramming my own erection in her sloppy wet cunt. Hell, I would even let her perverted brother shoot it if it got her off. Hannah has done quite a few smut’s and there will be new ones posted regularly so be sure to bookmark this page and come back for more.

You can see Foxxy at work at TnT’s in Colorado Springs or better yet, see her videos at Bring Me Your Sister – join today and also get full access to Glass Mannequin and Real Colorado Girls – Colorado’s hottest amateur smut sites.

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Homemade Shoot Of My Neighbors Daughters Wet Little Teen Cunt

I live is a decent neighborhood – nice family values and everything – but what my neighbors don’t know is I pay their daughters to come to my abode so I can make real homemade sex clips of them. This time, Thena and Jayda stopped by to play in my yard and since I was horny, and they need a few measly money – I got them to fuck each other while I filmed it.

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I have this totally cool Indian tipi in my back yard and all the neighbor teens yearn for to get fucked in the tipi ate least once. Problem is not all of them yearn for to fuck an old bastard like me :-( Good news is I can usually get them to fuck each other – and who among us doesn’t love to see two amateur teen neighbor teens licking each other’s teen pussies?


When I started making these homemade clips, my plan was to keep them for my private collection but after collecting a few hundred clips of the perverted teens in my town, I decided to share them with you. You get a few small video clips for nothing – the good stuff I put in the members area so I can afford to prowl for new sweeties to fuck in front of my camera.


Both of these teens used to spent a lot of time at my abode playing in the garden with my kids. When my kids turned 18 and moved away, I saw no reason to ban them from my place – in fact, as soon as they turned 18, I got them to pose undressed – then to fuck each other in my special homemade sex movies.


Jayda is half Latina and had the sexiest round Mexican Girl ass that I’ve ever seen. Thena is your typical white-trash hussy that will fuck just about anyone that comes by – even the old neighbor guy ;-) ;-) . She especially likes the army boy out at Ft. Carson. She used to sneak away from her boyfriend and bring the army boys to my abode and fuck them here while I peaked through the window.


While I was filming this film – I was right up next to Jayda’s sweet Mexican Girl cunt – so close in fact that I could smell her sweet teen pussy juices. You have no idea how bad I wanted to drop my drawers and slam my throbbing pecker deep into her tight little cunt.


Well, at least I captured it on movie so that all of you can enjoy my homemade sex films of these teen cunt-munchers. See the entire HQ movie on my website at

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